Why Fumigate?

Why are buildings fumigated?

Insects that feed or tunnel into wood can seriously damage houses, apartments, and other dwellings or structures. Each year termites or other wood destroying insects damage approximatley 2 million homes. Depending on the extent or location of the infestations, fumigation is the only total control method proven to elimitate certain infestetions of wood destroying insects.

Why is whole structural fumigation better?

While there are many alternatives to fumigation, we specialize only in whole structural fumigaiton. We are confident that it is the best way to eliminate infestation 100% in the whole house. We use Vikane* (sulfuryl fluoride) which is a gas, not a liquid, that enables the gas to penetrate the walls in order to kill termites that sometimes are not detected by the inspector.

Will my house be safe afterwards?

One concern many people seem to have, is that since their home is being filled up with poisonous gas, how safe will it be afterwards, and what do we do to make it safe for them. Vikane*, does not leave a residue in your home and you don't have to wash dishes, clothes, etc., after you re-enter. We are required by law to have the poison reading in your home be 1PPM (part per million) or less before we can certify your home for re-entry.